Egipski salon urody

Egipski salon urody

Klasa VII uczestniczyła w lekcji muzealnej w języku angielskim przeprowadzonej w Muzeum archeologicznym w Poznaniu. 
Pomysłodawcą była nauczycielka j. angielskiego z naszej szkoły p. Karolina Stelmaszyk.

Poniżej relacja jednej z Uczennic – Zofii Pakulskiej z klasy VII

Poznan Archaeological Museum is situated in the city centre. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. The tickets cost 8 zl. Group visits cost 4 zl.

There are permanent and temporary exhibitions.
The permanent exhibitions are: „Prehistory of Wielkopolska”, ,,Archeology of Sudan”, ,,Death and life in Ancient Egypt” and more.
The temporary exhibitions are: ,,Power signs and symbols” and ,,When the Sahara was green”.
Poznan Archaeological Museum organizes a lot of events and history lessons. There is the museum shop where you can buy souvenirs and books. Once a year, you can visit museum at night during Long Night of Museums.

Last week, our class went to Poznan Archaeological Museum. We took part in a museum lesson. It was really worth visiting because the lesson was in English. We had a chance to get to know Egyptian culture. We could wear their dresses and wigs. It was very funny. We enjoyed it very much.